This is me- the writing goddess Melanie

This is me- the writing goddess Melanie
The writing goddess at leisure

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Finding Ways to Stay Focused on your Writing

There are many distractions that seem to steal us away from our one true love- writing.  Life happens when we are trying to get that next sentence down on paper.  Day to day mundane tasks such as unloading the dishwasher can steal our attention.  Here are some tools to use that is sure to draw you back to your first love.
1. Join writer's groups.  They will give you the motivation to keep writing and accountability to make it good.  In addition, you can receive priceless pearls of wisdom on a wealth of topics from the writing process to the promotion of the literary art that you have created.  Tips and advice from Veterans in the craft can be a helpful tool to keep you right on track.  Learn tried and true methods and avoid the pitfalls they have fallen into and have dug themselves out of.
2.  Join Critique groups.  While similar to writers groups they are different in that they read what you have written and offer suggestions for improvement,  Many times a fresh pair of eyes can catch rookie mistakes in your literary piece.  Sometimes a fresh perspective can drive your story in a different direction.  Perhaps you thought your story was about the baseball player and through feedback realize that your real story is his relationship with his family.  Sometimes the back story is really the true story.  A critique member's suggestion might send your story in a new direction.
3.  Surround yourself with like minded people.  It has been said "Show me your friends and I'll show you, you."  We are influenced by the people who are around us.  It's a proven fact.  Do you want to be more involved in your writing?  If you answered yes, the answer is simple.  Surround yourself with other writers.  Find what works for them.  Where do they get their ideas?  Maybe you have a friend who is having a lot of success with writing articles and getting them published online.  Perhaps, they can steer you in the direction to getting your pieces in the right hands.  
As writers, there are tools available if we know where to find them.  Arm yourself with the right tools.  You wouldn't show up to build a house with tools a mechanic would use.  You would bring hammers, nails and a saw to the house site.  It is the same with writing.  Bring the right tools and you are unstoppable.  Keep writing, my fellow writers!

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